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Services and facilities

Breakfast, pool, bar…

All room prices include a filling breakfast which is served at the bar area at 7.30 – 10.30 am. Regarding special requests we aim to meet your needs. If you would like your breakfast to be served before 7.30 am we will try to find a solution, perhaps offer sandwiches. Tea and coffee can be found in the rooms.

The pool bar is open at 7.30 am – 9pm. It is a meeting point for all the guests where one can enjoy refreshments and chat with others.
The pool bar also has a TV with plenty of sports and movie channels.

The guests can order drinks from the night portier, charged on their room, all through the night. The tab can be kept running until the checkout day. And, do please be considerate of the sleeping guests during the night time…

You can have a clean towel by leaving the old one on the floor before the rooms are made each morning. We wash the linens every third day. In case you would like to have clean sheets before the laundry day, please notify the staff.

More About Our Services


  • Is connected with the bar. Reception ladies are all local to Hua Hin and speak good English for the area. But elaborate conversations in Finnish are not yet possible. If you have any difficulties to be understood, please ask to call Olli.
  • The staff are encouraged to treat the guests as their friends and we do everything we can to help you to enjoy your holiday, as we would do for our friends.


  • Is in guest use between 7am – 11pm.
  • NO DIVING! The pool depth is 140 cm.
  • In case you go for a night dip by mistake, please be considerate of the sleeping guests.


  • The laundry sack and a list are kept in the wardrobe. The items requested for laundering should be taken to the reception and the clean items can be collected the next day, in the afternoon. If you would like a quicker service, please notify the reception ladies.


  • We use the so-called low-flow shower heads to ease the water shortage in Hua Hin especially during the winter time. The water pressure and temperature can be adjusted from the shower settings.

Safety Box

  • Please enter the code as follows: Push the button inside the door near the hinges and after hearing the signal enter the code (4 NUMBERS). The door is opened and closed by rotating the locking wheel.
  • If the safety box is malfunctioning or you have forgotten your code, the hotel has a spare key in the main safe.

The staff at Evergreen are wishing you a relaxing holiday!

Frequently Asked Services

As mentioned, we want to fulfill our guests´ every possible and impossible request.
Some of the frequently asked services include:

  • Golf services (see link under theme travels)
  • Transport (to and from the airport, to golf courses, to shopping areas, to the sights)
  • Activities and excursions (Elephant safaris, horse riding, jet skiing, quad biking, visits to the temples and to the old king´s castle)
  • Room service (notify the reception)
  • Thai massage
  • Table reservations to restaurants
  • Trips to other locations such as Koh Tao, Koh Samui
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Difficult requests are met immediately - impossible ones might take a bit longer.