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Hua Hin is golfers’ paradise in Thailand. This small picturesque beach town proudly presents eight 18-hole courses, all within a 20 minute drive from town. Some of the courses are superb compared to anything in the world.

Evergreen Boutique Hotel is golfers’ home in Hua Hin. The small and very relaxed hotel is built and run by golfers for golfers.

All golf services are available, tailored to our guests’ needs. Evergreen host is finnish Olli Palmu.

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Evergreen Host Olli Palmu & Golf Teacher Juha-Matti Vuorinen

Golf Teaching

Finnish golf PRO Juha-Matti ”Juhis” Vuorinen is responsible for the Evergreen´s golf services.

Name: Juha-Matti Vuorinen
Nicknames: Juhis, Jimi
DOB: 3/5/1991
Place of residence: Luvia in Finland in the summer, Hua Hin in Thailand in the winter
Started golf: 2003
Teaching golf since: 2010
Teaching in Finland: Rauma Golf, Nakkila Golf, Alastaro Golf, and during my teaching history I have also taught two years in Kultaranta Resort in Naantali.
Teaching in Thailand: I teach at every golf course in Hua Hin. Winter 2017 is already my fifth whole winter in Thailand.
Notable: During the summer I live in Finland for about four and a half months and the rest of the year I live in Hua Hin.
Motto: You can learn something new every day.

I can arrange all golf-related services under the Hua Hin sun in Finnish and in English:

  • Private lessons
  • Group lessons
  • Themed lessons
  • Events
  • Green Card courses
  • Game day lessons
  • Green fees
  • Green fees with transport
  • And so forth, please ask!

Get in touch and you will receive a golf package tailored for your ability:

Golf Courses in Hua Hin

Golf Courses in Hua Hin

Royal Hua Hin

  • Being Thailand’s first 18-hole golf course, naturally it starts the list. It opened in 1923, designed by a Scottish road maintenance engineer A. O. Robins by the Royal Command of King Rama VI. The course is located at the centre of the town, right next to the Railway Station. Royal is pretty with lots of big trees lining the fairways. The par 3 fourteenth looks over a ravine to a raised green, which in turn lies under a lush hill with a beautiful temple on the hillside. This must be one of the most poetic holes in the world.
  • The lack of a proper irrigation system makes the course very dry during the winter months, even if tank cars are driving water to the fairways almost around the clock. Greens are usually in good nick, but nothing to get excited about. The shortish course gains some extra difficulty from the huge trees that sometimes seem to cover the whole fairway. Extra spice is added by wild monkeys (local rule states that a ball stolen by one can be replaced without penalty). Club house is basic but functional, and the beer is cheap, as the course is managed by the company brewing Singha beer.
  • Distance from Evergreen: 2 km
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Golf Courses in Hua Hin


  • It’s no use arguing over matters of taste discussing which is the
    best course in Hua Hin, but still the young Thai architect Pirapon Namatra
    made a great job in designing the course in a very natural manner, leaving as many of the old trees intact as possible. The valley was used for pineapple farming, and many fairways are lined with pineapple fields, which are considered lateral water according to local rule.
  • The fairway grass is a local variety of Zoysia and is really at home here. You’ll be unbelievably unlucky to find a bad lie on the fairway. The Tiff-eagle Bermuda greens are fast and true, and sometimes desperately difficult to read.
    The clubhouse was built of teakwood in Thai style, and despite its slight incoherence it’s a very nice exception to other clubhouses. From the 15th tee, and the kiosk above it, opens a beautiful view to the Bay of Siam with a lion-shaped island in the middle. There’s no housing on the course, enhancing the natural feel.
  • Criticism among many players has been heard about the semi-compulsory buggies and the five-star prices on kiosks and the clubhouse. Still, it’s a very beautiful, natural and well-maintained course and can be compared to anything in the world. The bar offers a breathtaking view over the course towards sunset over the Burmese mountains.
  • Distance from Evergreen: 12 km
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Golf Courses in Hua Hin

Black Mountain

  • Black Mountain opened in 2007, and already in the spring of 2009 it hosted an Asian Tour event, won by Johan Edfors. Second and securing his Masters invitation at Augusta was Hua Hin’s own lad Prayad Marksaeng, who started his career as a caddie in Royal Hua Hin. In addition to the club’s touring pro Edfors, also representing Black Mountain on the tours are Finland’s number one Mikko Ilonen and Thailand’s number one Thongchai Jaidee. January 2011 saw the best players of Europe (skippered by Colin Montgomery) and Asia play Black Mountain in the Royal Trophy.
  • The course is in great nick and the clubhouse is excellent without being too posh. The restaurant is one of the best in town. There is more elevation on the course compared to other courses in Hua Hin, excluding Milford’s back-nine. The owner of the course is famous for listening to players’ feedback and acting on it. Most holes have been redesigned since the course was first finished. Many hills have been moved to get rid of blind shots and a network of water features has been built all over the course. Fabulous driving range with chipping and putting facilities.
  • Black Mountain also features an excellent 9-hole par-3 course and a water park. A great course to the highest international standards, voted already many times the best course in Thailand and South East Asia.
  • Distance from Evergreen: 9 km
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Golf Courses in Hua Hin

Lake View

  • Lake View consists of four nines. A and B are the most “normal”. C-course is called Desert and it boasts some huge wasteland bunkers.
    D-course is the driest of the four, but it’s longer than the others (e.g. a 220-yard par three with a huge mango tree guarding the green).
    The course is generally in good condition but the fairways aren’t quite the quality found in Black Mountain, Banyan and Majestic Creek.
  • Greens are fast and true. Layout is generally considered one of the best in Hua Hin.
  • B-course is the wettest nine; the par-five third hole is interesting: It opens as a dogleg left with water on the left, right, and straight in front all the way behind the fairway. Second shot is supposed to land in front of a river greedily waiting in front of the green. With a carry of about 230 yards over the water, you can try to find the green with your second shot.
  • Cosy basic clubhouse. There is a hotel connected to the course with a nice pool where you can park the non-playing family members.
  • Distance from Evergreen: 18 km
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Golf Courses in Hua Hin

Palm Hills

  • Palm Hills is a nice course in good nick only a short drive from Evergreen next to the airport. The greens are both fast and difficult to read. Listen to your caddie, unless you happen to enjoy putting your ball off the green. Most greens are raised, so a chip’n run onto the dance floor is often not the best idea.
  • Front nine’s last approach on the long par four is best left short, as green hits are usually found in the bunker on the left. Take your bogey and be happy.
  • Fairways are wide and well maintained, well suited for not-so-straight drivers – which is also the most common reason for criticism, in addition to the ridiculous price for a cup of coffee at the clubhouse.
  • There are plenty of houses and mansions along the fairways, as the short distance to town makes Palm Hills a very popular residential area.
  • Distance from Evergreen: 7 km
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Golf Courses in Hua Hin

Majestic Creek

  • Majestic Creek is a bit further away. The beautiful 27-hole course with a great layout boasts many interesting holes. Fairways traditionally in very good condition, thanks to the local Zoysia grass.
  • Us locals used to bitch about the slow greens and badly maintained bunkers on this otherwise lovely course, but year 2012 changed all that. After complete renovation, the course is now in better shape than ever, including new greens and bunkers. Even the previously shabby clubhouse is now fresh and cosy, and the staff have a refreshingly new approach to service. The new chef is rumoured to be a genius.
  • The new greens are Tiff-eagle Bermuda as on Banyan and Black Mountain, so speedy putts are to be expected after the greens have matured. The brilliant lay-out was drawn by Sukitti Klangvisai, who is also responsible for the gem called Loch Palm in Phuket. The exquisite last hole, arguably the best in Hua Hin, demands an accurate drive (don’t even think of going for the driver unless you hit it 300 yards), a six iron over the river, and a nine iron over the lake protecting the green. Sounds easy, but some depressing scores have been recorded here to round up an unsuspecting golfer’s day…
  • If you time yourself to the beautiful par-three 17th tee at a quarter to six, you will be treated to a beautiful sunset over the Burmese mountains.
  • Distance from Evergreen: 25 km
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Golf Courses in Hua Hin


  • Springfield was designed by Jack Nicklaus, so you wouldn’t be wrong expecting water or vast bunkers lining the right sides of the fairways. A bit boring, especially if you happen to be slicing…
  • A very nice and well-maintained course with fast and true greens. The last approach of the day is played into an island green. You’ll need two very good shots to challenge the water from hundred yards. Long-hitters are invited to cut over the forest from the tee to have a chance to reach the island in two.
  • Third nine was opened a few years ago but has not received very raving reviews. Beautiful clubhouse, but catching a waiter in hope of a cold beer can sometimes prove frustrating. A stubborn never-say-die attitude is often rewarded, though.
  • Distance from Evergreen: 23 km
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Golf Courses in Hua Hin

Sea Pine Army Golf Club

  • Sea Pine Army Golf Club is the closest to the beach and the newest of Hua Hin’s courses, opened in December 2010. It is very conveniently located only 7 kilometres south of the town, directly on the beach after the
    village of Khao Takiab. Building a golf course on the beach next to one of the busiest beach destinations in Thailand would be impossible considering the price of beachfront land– unless the land was owned and the course
    managed by the Thai Army. The experience is there, as the army is running tens of courses around the country, some of them in brilliant condition. Traditionally the army courses are also very friendly priced.
  • The layout is beautiful with some links type holes along the sandy beach, complete with sunbathing tourists. The clubhouse is very stylish in Thai design with beautiful sea views. But the service… A cold beer is within the limits of possibilities, but ordering food is usually an exercise in futility. Better save 80% by turning left to the beach restaurant before the railway crossing before leaving the military area.
  • The Army’s Golf Course Construction Division made a good job, and the Engineer Company built a water pipe from the Pran River 15 miles to the South. Signature hole is the par-five 16th. Drive towards the ocean, a sharp dogleg right in front of the second shot with a water hazard inside the dogleg, and the Gulf of Siam glittering behind the fairway and the green. Just brilliant.
  • Distance from Evergreen: 8 km
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Courses in the general area of Hua Hin

Golf Courses near Hua Hin

Kaeng Krachan

  • Kaeng Krachan is located 40 km from Hua Hin next to Thailand’s largest National Park. The ambitious development includes a hospital, university and airport. They have been developed for some fifteen years now… After entering the main gate of the country club, there’s still a 10 km drive to the course. In addition to the average 18-hole course, a new Nicklaus-designed nine was opened in 2008. The new nine is abs fab and well worth the long drive.
  • Distance from Evergreen: n. 40 km
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Golf Courses near Hua Hin

Phetchaburi & Ratchaburi

  • Phetchaburi is a largish town 60 km towards Bangkok. It is home of the Dragon Hills and Sawang courses. Both are interesting layouts but in need of some work. Prices cheaper than in Hua Hin.
  • Ratchaburi is the next town after Phetchaburi, about 120 km from Hua Hin. The town is close to the Royal Ratchaburi course with a green fee of 1650/2650 including transportation. This beautiful course is among the Top10 of Thailand. Close by is an army course, also well worth of playing. It’s a good idea to play both courses and stay the night in Ratchaburi, a town where you will probably not see another tourist. Or play Royal Ratchaburi on the way either to or from the airport. Extra drive about 50 km.
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