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Yoga Travels

Yoga Retreats

Our relaxing yoga retreat is for everyone who is interested in this ancient method!

The retreat will include Flow yoga, Yin yoga and Yin & Yang yoga and Pranayama breathing exercises. The lessons are always taught by a certified yoga teacher.

Each yoga class is themed and starts and finishes with a relaxation. The exercises are appropriate for all levels of ability. The teacher will show several options for each position which allows you to choose the ones that work for your body.

The lessons introduce you to the most common Pranayama breathing exercises. Some of the exercises are done during the morning yoga session for waking up, and others, in the evening for calming down for the night.

The idea of the retreat is to strengthen the bond between the body and the mind and to inspire you to take up yoga and mindfulness as part of your daily life even after this indulgent break!

We will organize the whole itinerary including flights, timetables, meals and yoga program, or you can tell us what suits you.

Let us design you a package for an unforgettable yoga holiday surrounded by Hua HinĀ“s breathtaking scenery!

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